What To Look For In An MLM, Network Marketing Opportunity

Often referred to as “relationship marketing” or “word of mouth” marketing, it’s moving product to their sphere of influence. With most companies, you can get started for a modest investment & you can have a truly unlimited income potential.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it should be & it can be in reality. But there are some pitfalls to avoid & sage advice to keep in mind as you consider investing in a Network Marketing, MLM venture.

Quality Products That Are in Demand

First & foremost, since most companies make money on the sale of product, one should ask if the products would be sold if there was no money making opportunity available. In other words, would you be able to attract customers just based on the product itself?

Are they of superior quality, & priced at least somewhat competitively?

If the company model is to get you & others to buy their product solely to make money, walk away! One of the primary focus’ of the company should be product consumption & that should be promoted within the company. They should be proud of their product.

If you choose a company with excellent products, you’ll be able to make money consistently, all day long with solid customers, residual income coming from happy customers who will give you referrals at every turn.

Compensation plan

The pay plan is incredibly important. Is the plan simple & financially rewarding, or is it complicated & convoluted? In order to be successful, do you need to have several legs?

Marketing System

If your marketing company, & as importantly, your mentor or upline, actually know something about marketing, especially on how to take advantage of the internet, you will make a whole lot more money with less work & heartache.

Do they have a system that you can direct your prospects to? It doesn’t matter where your prospect came from, they must be able to enter their name, email, & phone number onto a capture page & be taken to a professional presentation. An email series should then follow up with them automatically on your behalf. You will follow up with them as well; this is definitely a personal relationship type of business after all. Does your company / mentor provide the training on these matters, or are you left to fend for yourself?


What is the corporate culture like? Try & attend some conference calls, local meetings, webinars, etc. Are their founders & top representatives in those meetings behaving with professionalism? Do they actually sound like they know what they’re talking about, or are they just schmoozing? You might be surprised at just how unprofessional some of these guys are. Be very careful who you align yourself with!


Your sponsor will undoubtedly tell you that “full training & support” is provided. That’s kind of the nature of MLM’s. Often it’s the sponsors that do the training of those they enroll. But how is this done? Is there a focused systematic method of training that allows for the flexibility of your personality & skill sets, so that you will know exactly what you need to do to put cash into your hand in the next week or two? Is there training provided by the company by those who actually know their head from their posterior, rather than just by someone who has just joined the business themselves? Or is it just, “get some customers & you’ll get paid” type of scenario? Who do you have access to for questions & advanced training?

The best case scenario is a corporate training program in place that you can plug your new people into immediately. That’s how you truly leverage your time. Your job isn’t really to train in the initial stages, but rather to develop leadership in yourself & others.

And Finally

Nobody was born a Network Marketer, but fortunately this profession (and yes, it is a profession) has evolved & come into its own, & there are many excellent & qualified mentors who you can, & should “plug into”.

Always be a student & realize that each experience, whether it’s a win, or a failure is part of YOUR business education.

Stay consistent, be persistent, & make your fortune in Network Marketing / MLM.

To your success,

Ted Heims

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