The Truth About Cholesterol

Most folks don’t know that cholesterol is actually made in the liver, intestines, and other organs and then used to make new cells throughout the body in addition to other functions. Scientific research tells us the more cholesterol we take in the form of our diet, the less cholesterol is made by the body. Conversley, the less cholesterol we eat in our diet, the more cholesterol the body will produce.

For all of you unfortunate souls who are eating a low-cholesterol diet prescribed by your dotor, or for those who are on cholesterol lowering drugs, this next statement might come as a surprise.

“No study anywhere has ever proven that lowering the amount of cholesterol in the diet reduces the risk of heart disease. And lowering blood cholesterol through drugs won’t prevent arteries from hardening if homocysteine in high.” Dr Kilmer McCully “The Heart Revolution”

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Here’s a rather interesting cholesterol fact. The Framingham Study, which is about a half century old was a medical study that studied participants & followed them from youth to old age. That study has consistently failed to make a correlation between the intake of dietary cholesterol & blood cholesterol levels. The study tried desperately to show that eating a high fat diet increased blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. However, the study failed miserably to ever show a relationship.  A number of preventive studies in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s evaluated the effect of cholesterol-lowering drugs, hormones, and vitamins on heart disease risk. The studies uniformly failed to show a decrease risk of heart disease. Dr Klimer McCully’s book, “The Heart Revolution.”

For all intents & purposes, all “statin” drugs do is produce some moderate decreases in the risk of heart disease in “high-risk groups.” Scientists are reluctant to admit the cholesterol theory is wrong when so much time and money has been spent trying to prove cholesterol is bad for us! Any wonder when there are literally billions to be made from the sale of these drugs?

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The choice is yours, choose wisely!

Ted Heims


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