The Trickles, Streams, & Rivers of a Home Based Business

One thing is for sure: Most things in life start with a trickle, including your business. Your early steps will create small happenings. Trickles.

Perhaps you create a few videos, or write a couple of articles & generate a few leads. You post an insightful comment on Twitter & a couple of people Tweet back. You make some comments on a forum & have some people respond & thank you for your contribution.

The trickles grow.

You start generating a lead here & there. Two leads a week. Shortly, it becomes a lead a day, five a week.


With consistent effort, it becomes a few leads a day. Now, all the sudden you have twenty leads.

What is startling is when the trickles grow into rivers.

Get excited about your trickles. Celebrate the trickles.

Just as all the great rivers grow from the tributaries, the trickles, so too will your business.

Just as vibrant life emerged from the barren field in the presence of water, so too will business percolate from your trickles.

So celebrate your trickles. When you start to generate a few leads, shine forth the success to your list. Publish it to a forum. Tell your friends. Grow, broaden, then teach.

Your trickles will grow. They will become a constant, one foot wide stream as you generate a small handful of leads each day. Soon, it will grow into a three foot stream. As your experience & efforts compound, your stream will grow.

Others will help, contributing to your flow. New business partners will join your business, tributaries to your stream. Your business can become strong, flowing forward, supported by powerful players who will teach you & support you.

Business partners who will join your business will produce teaming waters that contribute to your own.

When you make small gains, get the word out. It’s a big part of the process.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly. To those thirsting for water in the desert, your trickle may sustain them.

Don’t compare yourself to those making tens of thousands of dollars a month at first. To someone out of work who needs a home based business, you’ve chosen a home based business, & that’s powerful.

Don’t compare yourself to those generating hundreds of leads per month. To the person who’s never generated a lead, it’s impressive that you’re learning to generate leads, especially given that it doesn’t include badgering your friends & family unnecessarily.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your seemingly small trickles. The favorable email you receive from a reader who appreciated your autoresponder email, the forum reply to a comment you made that inspired someone.

Celebrate your little successes, they WILL cascade.

You must be open to accepting success to attract more of it. Gratitude enhances your ability to receive. Have gratitude for your small successes, they WILL compound.

Somewhere around the next sweeping bend of the river, or perhaps the one beyond that, a wide mighty river is flowing. Follow the stream, follow the flow, & tell of your success loudly.

A mighty river calls you.

Go meet it.

Ted Heims

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