ProArgi9 Plus & The High Desert Heart Institute Study Results

So I need to have tangible evidence that we are doing something good for our patients. So we measured multiple data points. These are the data points that are important to us…

Bad cholesterol. We did not find any significant decrease in bad cholesterol with supplement of ProArgi9 (Plus).

Remember all these patients were maximally medically managed… that means they were already on cholesterol medication, they were already on blood pressure medication, they were taking aspirin and Plavix; whatever they needed to have to keep their heart and circulatory system going.

But HDL CHOLESTEROL high density lipo-protein, is the good cholesterol. That cholesterol reverses coronary artery disease. The higher the level – decreases stroke, peripheral vascular disease. It is an anti-oxidant, it’s like a free radical scavenger. It transports cholesterol out of the arteries, into the liver where it is metabolized and therefore it gets rid of bad cholesterol. THAT LEVEL WENT UP BY 18%.

TRIGLYCERIDES… it’s a bad cholesterol, its a form of cholesterol, its fat. Also DECREASED BY 40% when taking ProArgi9 Plus.

These are other parameters we looked at: a lot of our patients are diabetic, GLUCOSE WENT DOWN BY 8%

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN is a measure of inflammation, its a measure of how much inflammation you have in your system, IT WENT DOWN BY 25%

CREATININE is a measure of kidney function, the higher the creatinine the worse your kidney function is, and therefore in patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, who already have some stigma of renal insufficiency IT WENT DOWN BY 11%

MAGNESIUM is extremely important for cardiovascular function, it is important for neuroma function. IT’S LEVELS WENT UP 35%.

*but that should go up because it is part of the supplement of ProArgi9 (Plus) — (*Note – this is inaccurate on Dr. Siva’s part, there is NO magnesium in the formula, we are getting clarification on this from Dr. Siva)

The PLATELET FUNCTION WENT DOWN, we could not measure it. We will measure it in our next study.

However, ALBUMIN, the amount of protein that is spilled in the urine is indirectly proportional to renal function. The higher the albumin that your urine is secreting the worse off you are in terms of kidney function. So all our therapies are directed to reducing protein in the urine THAT WENT DOWN BY 70%

VITAMIN D LEVEL, THAT WENT UP 183%. It has to. When the level does not go up and the stuff has that ingredient, then it doesn’t work. It tells you that ProArgi9 Plus’s Vitamin D composition is being absorbed by the body and is available for our tissue.

Our SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE, that is the first number in our blood pressure, WENT DOWN BY 13%
The bottom number in the blood pressure which is the DIASTOLIC PRESSURE WENT DOWN BY 17%

We looked at ANKLE BRACHIAL INDEX. There should be no difference between the blood pressure in the leg and in the arm. But in patients with Peripheral Artery Disease, that is patients who have atherosclerosis in the leg that ABI index is low. And that INDEX WENT UP (16%) in patients with Diabetes, patients with Peripheral Artery Disease because it increases blood flow into the circulation.

We also were able to measure the Central Aortic Systolic Pressure with a BPro machine that was given to us on loaner by Universal Health. CENTRAL PRESSURE WENT DOWN (6%) WHICH IS INCREDIBLE because Central Pressure is DIRECTLY RELATED TO STROKE, to the formation of abdominal aortic aneurysm, thoracic aneurysm, so lowering the Central Pressure is extremely important for us.

The choice is yours, choose wisely

Ted Heims

775 342.5788

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