ProArgi9 Plus Part 3 Summit 2010 Lecture

Nitric Oxide, as I said, is ubiquitous, that means every cell has it.

It is for direct vasodilation. Vasodilation means it enlarges your arteries. So if you have a 3 millimeter artery and you were to give a nitric oxide infusion into the artery, you can make it info a 4 millimeter artery. Therefore it makes more blood flow into the tissue than the artery was supplying.

It is also anti-thrombotic, which means if you have a tendency to form clots by taking l-arginine or ProArgi9 Plus you can convert it into nitric oxide and nitric oxide prevents platelets from aggregating. It prevents clots from forming.

Is is also anti-inflammatory. When I started out in Medical School as we talked about the inflammation of arteries, people used to laugh at us…’What are you talking about? Inflammation? Come on! That’s nothing to do with coronary artery disease.

Now ALL RESEARCH is based on the anti-inflammatory factor for medication, how we can prevent inflammation because that is the injury that occurs when you have too much cholesterol, too much smoking, diabetes or obesity. All that increases the inflammatory potential of the body.

That means if we were to measure the inflammatory markers they would be elevated in the person who smokes, the person who has got diabetes; and therefore there are therapies directed towards decreasing the inflammation in our bodies.

If you take a look at a person who is 100 years old you will notice that their inflammatory marker is extremely down. So that tell you that longevity is directly related to the amount of inflammation you have in your body.

Nitric oxide is also anti-proliferate. Part of the injury that occurs in the artery is the result of injury to the arterial wall caused by hypertension, smoking, diabetes results in proliferation, growth, division of cells; called the smooth muscles, within the arterial wall.

That proliferation, that division, that growth contributes to athlerosclerosis. Nitric oxide directly prevents the proliferate effect that is caused by cholesterol, hypertension and smoking.
So therefore, all these benefits are derived from nitric oxide.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
775 342.5788

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