ProArgi9 Plus & Myocardial Infarction aka Heart Attack

‎…when this patient shows up, the patient is dead. What you do as cardiologists is to prevent this from happening.

What we are trying to attain is preventing an acute MI from taking place. An acute MI is when cholesterol plaque that is built up in the coronary artery ruptures, occluding the artery, causing a heart attack. We want to prevent that from happening.

And whatever it takes – in terms of aspirin therapy, in terms of Plavix, in terms of beta-blockers, in terms of cholesterol lowering…this is what we have done. We do that to prevent this from happening.

Acute MI occurs when a plaque in the artery grows as time goes on. It may take anywhere from 10 to 50 years for the plaque to grow. The plaque growth is secondary to multiple factors in terms of your diet, in terms of your genetics – important in terms of the physiology of the artery itself; and why certain people are more prone to having MI, having coronary artery disease, why they have strokes, but also vascular disease with the inability to walk because of occlusion of those arteries.

Anywhere blood flows those arteries can occlude and cause specific symptoms… maybe chest pain and angina, maybe claudication when you walk because of blockages to the legs, or stroke, or TIA because of lack of circulation to the brain.

So as cardiologists, as physicians, we want to prevent this from happening… What can we do to help?

We always institute standard therapy. Standard therapy includes aspirin because it attracts platelets that cause thrombus to form. We want to start patients on cholesterol medicines because we are reducing cholesterol. Less cholesterol builds up in the arterial wall and therefore less chance of it blocking.

Despite all these attempts…disease still progresses. We are always looking for new ways to modulate, to kind of attenuate the progression of disease. All of us die. All of us will die. It is the quality in which we live, that is what we are trying to attain. And ProArgi9 Plus, l-arginine and NO helps us in fighting that process that is ongoing in Every One of Us.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
775 342.5788

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