Nitric Oxide & The Digestive System

Nitric Oxide is used in adaptive relaxation. Nitric Oxide promotes the stretching of the stomach in response to filling.

When the stomach gets full, stretch receptors trigger smooth muscle relaxation through Nitric Oxide releasing neurons.

Nitric oxide is extremely important in the Digestive System as well. Similarly bringing nutrients into the stomach, into the intestine, how our food is processed, how blood supply is delivered to our stomach.

It decreases spasms, decreases symptoms of abdominal constriction, abdominal spasms, and therefore it is extremely important in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Patients who have IBS, early data now suggests, they have decreasing amounts of nitric oxide.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
775 342.5788

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