How Do I Attract The Right People Into My Business?

Here are some of the characteristics, or qualities that a person must have in order to attract the right people, the top notch prospects, into your business & your Network Marketing downline:

Be Authentic

Don’t try & be someone you’re not. Be yourself. Be vulnerable & straightforward, no hidden agenda’s needed. Anyone can get exposure & attention through the Internet, the key is holding that attention. That is done through authenticity.

Be Unique & Set Yourself Apart in The Market

Understand the things that make you different & portray the uniqueness on the web through your videos, writing style, storytelling, web presence, images, or whatever else you have to set yourself apart from others.

Be a Leader & Show Forth ConfidenceConfidence

Build on your own charisma, confidence, & leadership that people are looking for in everything that you do. You must be aware of how you speak, how you present yourself, the clothes you wear, & the tone & pace of your voice that exude the certainty & conviction in what you’re doing. Certainty & leadership are the two most powerful ways to communicate with people.

You don’t have to have the money to become a leader. Internet marketing is a crowded place. You need to get people’s attention, & when you get it, you need to know how to hold onto it, grow it, & build it into something bigger.

Well, How Do I Get That Confidence, That Certainty?

Some of you may have a problem in this area that you need to address. You realize you need those qualities in you, & may believe you have them, but haven’t had a lot of practice at portraying that to others. You need to improve those skills by learning, knowledge, practice, & experiences.

Perhaps you need to change something physically in your life that backs the process up. Come out of your shell, make a sacrifice. Go to a nice store, get a personal hairdresser, and get a complete makeover. I learned a long time ago that how you feel about your appearance can be a big deal. If you’re going to be a professional, look & feel the part. The vibe will translate to a better feeling & confidence on the other side.

Most Network Marketers want to know the exact words to say, step by step, when marketing their business, but never have the desire to pass through the training period. That’s largely due to people not wanting to take responsibility for their success, or more commonly, because they’re flat out lazy. If it doesn’t work, they don’t have to blame themselves, they can blame the system.

There’s only one type of person that makes money & truly succeeds online in this industry, & those are leaders. There is no magic website, no magic phone script, and no magic pill to swallow. Albeit these “systems” may work for awhile, they ultimately fail because you don’t grow as a person, don’t gain new skills, or become a different kind of person.

Some have this idea of a leader, as someone tall, suave guy in a suit, running around making commands to his underlings. Needless to say, you can be a leader in your own way. There are certain characteristics you need to display, but it has little to do with what you look like physically. It’s more about how you see yourself & how people see you. Life is kind of a game of follow the leader, & the big tall guys aren’t always at the front of the line. People are hungry to follow people with certainty in where they’re going. One doesn’t need a graduate from an Ivy League school, or the or have the tutelage of some guru marketing guy.

What you do need is certainty in what you’re doing & where you’re going. You need to add value to the market & declare yourself a leader. But it must be authentic. You must be converted yourself. It’s important to know that you have to be conscious of the image you portray because people will judge you by the image you display, & I don’t mean false image which can be very counter-productive.  Remember, you need to be the real deal. Authenticity is crucial if you want longevity in this business. People naturally gravitate to authenticity

If you believe in yourself, & have others around you that believe in you. If you’re authentic. If you’re certain as to where you’re going. If you have the right system in place, tailored to take advantage of your strengths, well, there’s a pile of dough & freedom for you in this industry. Unlike any other industry out there! But it does take commitment. Milk toast players need not apply because it will be a miserable experience for you.

Are you a leader? Is it about time? Contact me, we’ll talk.

It’s all about choices.

To Your Success,

Ted Heims


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