ProArgi9 Plus & The High Desert Heart Institute Study Results

So I need to have tangible evidence that we are doing something good for our patients. So we measured multiple data points. These are the data points that are important to us…

Bad cholesterol. We did not find any significant decrease in bad cholesterol with supplement of ProArgi9 (Plus).

Remember all these patients were maximally medically managed… that means they were already on cholesterol medication, they were already on blood pressure medication, they were taking aspirin and Plavix; whatever they needed to have to keep their heart and circulatory system going.

But HDL CHOLESTEROL high density lipo-protein, is the good cholesterol. That cholesterol reverses coronary artery disease. The higher the level – decreases stroke, peripheral vascular disease. It is an anti-oxidant, it’s like a free radical scavenger. It transports cholesterol out of the arteries, into the liver where it is metabolized and therefore it gets rid of bad cholesterol. THAT LEVEL WENT UP BY 18%.

TRIGLYCERIDES… it’s a bad cholesterol, its a form of cholesterol, its fat. Also DECREASED BY 40% when taking ProArgi9 Plus.

These are other parameters we looked at: a lot of our patients are diabetic, GLUCOSE WENT DOWN BY 8%

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN is a measure of inflammation, its a measure of how much inflammation you have in your system, IT WENT DOWN BY 25%

CREATININE is a measure of kidney function, the higher the creatinine the worse your kidney function is, and therefore in patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, who already have some stigma of renal insufficiency IT WENT DOWN BY 11%

MAGNESIUM is extremely important for cardiovascular function, it is important for neuroma function. IT’S LEVELS WENT UP 35%.

*but that should go up because it is part of the supplement of ProArgi9 (Plus) — (*Note – this is inaccurate on Dr. Siva’s part, there is NO magnesium in the formula, we are getting clarification on this from Dr. Siva)

The PLATELET FUNCTION WENT DOWN, we could not measure it. We will measure it in our next study.

However, ALBUMIN, the amount of protein that is spilled in the urine is indirectly proportional to renal function. The higher the albumin that your urine is secreting the worse off you are in terms of kidney function. So all our therapies are directed to reducing protein in the urine THAT WENT DOWN BY 70%

VITAMIN D LEVEL, THAT WENT UP 183%. It has to. When the level does not go up and the stuff has that ingredient, then it doesn’t work. It tells you that ProArgi9 Plus’s Vitamin D composition is being absorbed by the body and is available for our tissue.

Our SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE, that is the first number in our blood pressure, WENT DOWN BY 13%
The bottom number in the blood pressure which is the DIASTOLIC PRESSURE WENT DOWN BY 17%

We looked at ANKLE BRACHIAL INDEX. There should be no difference between the blood pressure in the leg and in the arm. But in patients with Peripheral Artery Disease, that is patients who have atherosclerosis in the leg that ABI index is low. And that INDEX WENT UP (16%) in patients with Diabetes, patients with Peripheral Artery Disease because it increases blood flow into the circulation.

We also were able to measure the Central Aortic Systolic Pressure with a BPro machine that was given to us on loaner by Universal Health. CENTRAL PRESSURE WENT DOWN (6%) WHICH IS INCREDIBLE because Central Pressure is DIRECTLY RELATED TO STROKE, to the formation of abdominal aortic aneurysm, thoracic aneurysm, so lowering the Central Pressure is extremely important for us.

The choice is yours, choose wisely

Ted Heims

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Nitric Oxide & The Circulatory System

Nitric Oxide in the Circulatory System: Nitric Oxide serves as a vasodilator
-Released in response to high blood flow rate and signaling molecules
-Highly localized and effects are brief
-If Nitric Oxide sythesis is inhibited blood pressure skyrockets

Nitric oxide, as I said, is a vasodilator. It delivers more blood to a tissue. When more blodd is delivered to a tissue, more oxygen, then more byproducts , bad byproducts are also eliminated adequately.

So that the toxic effects of breakdown products do not build up in the tissues, that can cause you to have detrimental effects.

Nitric Oxide in the Circulatory System: Nitric Oxide aids in the gas exchange between hemoglobin and cells.
-Hemoglobin is a vasoconstrictor. Fe scavenges Nitric Oxide
-Nitric Oxide is proteced by cysteine group when O2 binds to  hemoglobin
-During O2 delivery Nitric Oxide locally dilates blood vessels to aid in  gas exchange
-Excess Nitric Oxide is picked up by HGB with the CO2

It is a so called free radical scavenger. Free radicals are oxydative chemicals that are generated by every tissue in our body, that actually damages our tissue.

Nitric Oxide plays like a scavenger – it is a sponge that just absorbs these bad radicals from circulating around, before they cause damage – and eliminates them.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims

775 342.5788

Nitric Oxide & The Immune System

Nitric Oxide and the Immune system: NOS II catalyzes synthesis of Nitric Oxide used in host defense reactions

-Activation of NOS II is independent of CO2 in the cell.
-Synthesis of Nitric Oxide happens in most nucleated cells, particularly macrophages
-Nitric Oxide is a potent inhibitor of viral replication Nitric Oxide and the Immune system: NOS II catalyzes synthesis of Nitric Oxide used in host defense reactions
-Activation of NOS II is independent of CO2 in the cell.
-Synthesis of Nitric Oxide happens in most nucleated cells, particularly macrophages
-Nitric Oxide is a potent inhibitor of viral replication

Nitric Oxide is a bacteriacidal agent

-Nitric Oxide is created from the nitrates extracted from food near the gums
-This kills bacteria in the mouth that may be harmful

Nitric oxide is obviously important in the Immune System. Because it scavenges free radicals; the bad elements that destroy normal tissue. By scavenging the free radicals it also helps the Immune System from being damaged by free radicals.
It helps in the fight against infection, maybe viruses, maybe bacteria.
So it is extremely important in the normal functioning of the Immune System.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
775 342.5788

Nitric Oxide & The Digestive System

Nitric Oxide is used in adaptive relaxation. Nitric Oxide promotes the stretching of the stomach in response to filling.

When the stomach gets full, stretch receptors trigger smooth muscle relaxation through Nitric Oxide releasing neurons.

Nitric oxide is extremely important in the Digestive System as well. Similarly bringing nutrients into the stomach, into the intestine, how our food is processed, how blood supply is delivered to our stomach.

It decreases spasms, decreases symptoms of abdominal constriction, abdominal spasms, and therefore it is extremely important in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Patients who have IBS, early data now suggests, they have decreasing amounts of nitric oxide.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
775 342.5788

ProArgi9 Plus & The Nervous System

‎In the Nervous System it is very important how nerves talk to one another. This communication between one nerve to another is how Memories develop.

If you are able to deliver more blood supply and more nutrients to the Nervous System then your Nervous System develops adequately. If you are not able to deliver more nutrition, more oxygen, to the Nervous System then appropriate circuits that need to develop do not develop.

People have difficulty with memory when they do not have adequate blood supply, adequate oxygen, adequate nutrition, adequate glucose delivered to the system.

Nitric oxide is not a direct neurotransmitter, but it aids in this circuit formation. It is Extremely Important in the development of proper circuitry in the Nervous System.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
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Drugs for Vasodilation?

There are 24 drugs according to just for Vasodilation! 15 of those drugs are nitroglycerin, which has 354 known drug interactions. Nitroglycerin has been used for this purpose since before the Nobel Prize of 1998.

Then there is Nitropress (nitroprusside) vision problems,

Apresoline (hydralazine) counter indicated if you have cardiovascular problems,

Caverject Impulse (alprostedil) originally used for ED but crossed over and counter indicated if using any anti-coagulant,

Natrecor (nesiritide) injected through IV and known to cause coughing up of blood,

Loniten (minoxidll) only given with 2 other Meds and a diuretic and known to cause trouble breathing

…and Finally – Prostin VR Pediatric which was originally injected into the penis for ED but is not found a new home With Newborns and thus the name ‘Pediatric’… known to cause blood clots and kidney problems and oh by the way, can’t take it with hypertension.

Ted Heims

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ProArgi9 Plus Part 3 Summit 2010 Lecture

Nitric Oxide, as I said, is ubiquitous, that means every cell has it.

It is for direct vasodilation. Vasodilation means it enlarges your arteries. So if you have a 3 millimeter artery and you were to give a nitric oxide infusion into the artery, you can make it info a 4 millimeter artery. Therefore it makes more blood flow into the tissue than the artery was supplying.

It is also anti-thrombotic, which means if you have a tendency to form clots by taking l-arginine or ProArgi9 Plus you can convert it into nitric oxide and nitric oxide prevents platelets from aggregating. It prevents clots from forming.

Is is also anti-inflammatory. When I started out in Medical School as we talked about the inflammation of arteries, people used to laugh at us…’What are you talking about? Inflammation? Come on! That’s nothing to do with coronary artery disease.

Now ALL RESEARCH is based on the anti-inflammatory factor for medication, how we can prevent inflammation because that is the injury that occurs when you have too much cholesterol, too much smoking, diabetes or obesity. All that increases the inflammatory potential of the body.

That means if we were to measure the inflammatory markers they would be elevated in the person who smokes, the person who has got diabetes; and therefore there are therapies directed towards decreasing the inflammation in our bodies.

If you take a look at a person who is 100 years old you will notice that their inflammatory marker is extremely down. So that tell you that longevity is directly related to the amount of inflammation you have in your body.

Nitric oxide is also anti-proliferate. Part of the injury that occurs in the artery is the result of injury to the arterial wall caused by hypertension, smoking, diabetes results in proliferation, growth, division of cells; called the smooth muscles, within the arterial wall.

That proliferation, that division, that growth contributes to athlerosclerosis. Nitric oxide directly prevents the proliferate effect that is caused by cholesterol, hypertension and smoking.
So therefore, all these benefits are derived from nitric oxide.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
775 342.5788

ProArgi9 Plus & Myocardial Infarction aka Heart Attack

‎…when this patient shows up, the patient is dead. What you do as cardiologists is to prevent this from happening.

What we are trying to attain is preventing an acute MI from taking place. An acute MI is when cholesterol plaque that is built up in the coronary artery ruptures, occluding the artery, causing a heart attack. We want to prevent that from happening.

And whatever it takes – in terms of aspirin therapy, in terms of Plavix, in terms of beta-blockers, in terms of cholesterol lowering…this is what we have done. We do that to prevent this from happening.

Acute MI occurs when a plaque in the artery grows as time goes on. It may take anywhere from 10 to 50 years for the plaque to grow. The plaque growth is secondary to multiple factors in terms of your diet, in terms of your genetics – important in terms of the physiology of the artery itself; and why certain people are more prone to having MI, having coronary artery disease, why they have strokes, but also vascular disease with the inability to walk because of occlusion of those arteries.

Anywhere blood flows those arteries can occlude and cause specific symptoms… maybe chest pain and angina, maybe claudication when you walk because of blockages to the legs, or stroke, or TIA because of lack of circulation to the brain.

So as cardiologists, as physicians, we want to prevent this from happening… What can we do to help?

We always institute standard therapy. Standard therapy includes aspirin because it attracts platelets that cause thrombus to form. We want to start patients on cholesterol medicines because we are reducing cholesterol. Less cholesterol builds up in the arterial wall and therefore less chance of it blocking.

Despite all these attempts…disease still progresses. We are always looking for new ways to modulate, to kind of attenuate the progression of disease. All of us die. All of us will die. It is the quality in which we live, that is what we are trying to attain. And ProArgi9 Plus, l-arginine and NO helps us in fighting that process that is ongoing in Every One of Us.

Dr. Siva, High Desert Heart Institute

Ted Heims
775 342.5788