A Whole Body Approach to Optimal Health

For those trapped in the downward spiral of severe heart disease, cancer, etc., a whole body approach is often required to restore optimal health. For some, that may mean treating your body right for the first time in years, treating your body like you actually cared. 

This mindset is grounded in the Vital 3 Super Foods, ProArgi9 Plus to open & restore healthy blood flow, Core Greens to build upon that strong blood & properly alkalize the body & restore a healthy Ph balance, & Mistica to reduce inflammation & support the immune system.

As we say at Synergy Worldwide, Build, Boost, & Circulate yourself back to optimal health.

Correct thinking starts with taking responsibility for your OWN health. For the better part, doctors don’t cure. Given the right tools, the right ingredients, our bodies cure themselves. Simply put, we just need to provide our bodies with the right raw materials, & the V3 system is a good start. In conjunction w/ proper foods, exercise, clean air, good hydration, sunshine, & a good attitude……you will find the sickness & disease will have no residence in your body.

The choice is yours, choose wisely.

Ted Heims  


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