Want To Succeed In Network Marketing? Be Yourself

Let’s be frank, there a lot of positives & negatives about building a Network Marketing/MLM organization online, & for most, it’s hard to conceptualize what it really takes to prosper in a company using technology to market themselves.

Most are taught how to do things in this industry that just don’t match their personalities. Basically, most are told repeatedly to build lists of family, friends, & associates, but the problem is that most aren’t that social, at least not when it comes to these kinds of things due to the stigma associated w/ most MLM’s.  Don’t get me wrong, most enjoy talking to their family & friends, but it’s a different beast when talking about business opportunities, especially when many have already dabbled in one or two of these & failed.

So how does a person that doesn’t like hanging around shopping malls & business networking events build a massive downline by using warm market lists? Well, they either change their personality (which rarely happens, or works) or they flat out don’t. Most folks like themselves & don’t want to change for a business.

Most don’t define “abundance” as holding home networking meetings 5-7 nights a week. Most however do love the concept of Network Marketing, they love the idea of independence & freedom, they just don’t want to change who they are in order to do it. What if there was a way of sponsoring mass amounts of distributors without changing who you were, & without sacrificing your family time in the process as well?

One often hears leaders of the organizations say that you need to be “duplicatable”. But you know what; most don’t find success in this business until they find a way to do it their way. I’m convinced that the whole “MLM duplication” thing is nothing more than a way for some of these guys to sell their books & tapes. Most that enter into this business are willing to be “duplicatable”. Why then do 90% fail? Mostly because duplication is a ruse! Most in this business are not duplicatable. They have their own style, their own skill sets.

That’s where understanding how to run an online Network Marketing campaign comes in. Rather than relying on a list of family & friends, you can leverage yourself through catching the wave of social interactions that occur 24/7, online.

Now, how do you get involved in the online world of Network Marketing/MLM & become successful? It’s not rocket science. All you have to do is learn how to provide legitimate & lasting value to as many folks as possible, & people will be attracted to working with you naturally. You simply have to learn how to create massive amounts of exposure, & everything else will come easy, & more importantly naturally.

It really is that simple. My system of marketing is way cooler, less invasive, & far more effective than stuffy hotel meetings.

So the question you need to ask yourself: What value can you provide that will set yourself apart? What are your strengths? Are you an analytical type? Good at writing articles? Good at time management? Are you good on the phone? Good at powerful presentations? Good in a social setting? How can you market your business, & have fun at the same time?

Understanding who you are first, will put you miles ahead of your competition, & well on the road to success. Determine what your strengths are & then make a plan to expose the online world to the power of………YOU. By doing so, you’ll be headed in the right direction, & reach your destination far faster than you can even imagine.

If you don’t feel like you have any value to bring to the table, you just haven’t discovered your strengths yet, that’s all. Everybody’s got ‘em.

It doesn’t matter what kind of personality you have. What does matter however, is that you have a very clear cut vision, that you’re willing to work, & that you have a mentor in place  who will work with your strengths to help you reach the heights of success that you’ve always dreamed of. Now don’t misunderstand, you can’t be wimpy about your life & expect to succeed online in your Network Marketing/MLM venture at the same time. If you’re lazy & afraid to take action, this isn’t for you. If you’re expecting to sit around sipping umbrella drinks all day long as you exert only the effort necessary to go to the mailbox to get the checks, there’s a brutal dose of reality lurking around the corner for you.

However, marketing my Network Marketing/MLM business with the system I use has truly been a blessing to me, & it has been revolutionary in the way I operate. The reality is that online marketing isn’t just a great way to market my business; it has proven to be the BEST possible way for ME.

With all this being said, I fully realize this form of marketing may not be for everyone. Some folks will undoubtedly do well by sticking to the more traditional methods, the “old school” way. Some just can’t “deal” with technology and new ideas. Whatever the case, FIND YOUR STRENGTHS & build your business in a way that is comfortable, & as importantly, FUN for YOU. I know this all flies in the face of the whole “duplicatable” mantra that has been around for decades, but again, have you really ever really met a Network Marketing/MLM leader that was leading the lifestyle YOU wanted that was actually a duplicatable person? Not likely. I never have & I’ve run into these guys frequently during my career.

All of them found their unique way to sponsor huge downlines. Duplicatable? Please! If it was so duplicatable, 90% of those getting involved wouldn’t have failed. Network Marketing/MLM’s were never the problem. The basis of their business model is sound (that’s why folks like Trump, Microsoft, Apple, etc. are getting into the Network Marketing/MLM arena). It’s the marketing side that has failed. It’s the robotic mentality.

If you want to learn how to sponsor people with virtually zero resistance, rejection, without calling bogus cold leads every day, maybe my marketing concepts will work well for you, especially with a company that has taken away yet other barriers to the equation with what they market (goods & services you purchase frequently at stores around the country).

You can learn about my strategies & those of my team by simply contacting me.  There’s no obligation, & in fact I do not take on everyone that ultimately calls as I’m looking to build strength in my organization & won’t spend time with tire kickers. After going through the videos on the right side of the page, if you’re serious, give me a call or email me & we’ll chat.

To Your Success,

Ted Heims

“Come Join Me At The Finish Line”

One person can only do so much. But If he gathers a group of people around him who are committed to the same goals, if he galvanizes them and inspires them and taps into their inner drive, they can perform miracles together.


It takes courage. A lot of people will try to tell you it’s impractical or impossible. They’ll tell you to lower your sights. They’ll tell you business can’t be benevolent.


Remember: You’ll be left with an empty feeling if you hit the finish line alone. When you run a race as a team, though, you’ll discover that much of the reward comes from hitting the tape together. You want to be surrounded not just by cheering onlookers but by a crowd of winners, celebrating as one.


Victory is much more meaningful when it comes not just from the efforts of one person, but from the joint achievements of many. The euphoria is lasting when all participants lead with their hearts, winning not just for themselves but for one another…

“Success is sweetest when it’s shared.”



-Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks

 Author of  “Pour Your Heart Into It”